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A jaw fracture or a birth defect can affect how your teeth fit together and make it difficult for you to speak and chew. At Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics, with offices in Montgomery and Sandwich, Illinois, and serving the nearby areas of Aurora, Oswego, and Yorkville. C. Neil Kay, BDS, MS, provides comprehensive surgical orthodontics services. They work with local oral surgeons to repair your jaw and realign your teeth to improve their function. Learn more about the benefits of surgical orthodontics by calling the Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online today.

Surgical Orthodontics Q&A

What is surgical orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics describes surgical procedures adults might need to fully address issues that aren’t treatable with braces and other orthodontic devices.

If braces aren’t enough to correct certain conditions, Dr. Kay can perform corrective jaw surgery to improve your chewing, speaking, and biting ability.

They work with local oral surgeons as needed to maximize the function of your upper and lower jaw and bring your teeth back into alignment.

Why would I need surgical orthodontics?

There are several reasons why you might need surgical orthodontics. In many cases, structural problems in the jaw prevent your upper and lower teeth from meeting like they should.

These structural issues might be the result of:

  • Injury
  • Genetics
  • Birth defects
  • Environmental causes

Dr. Kay can determine if you’re a candidate for surgical orthodontics after a full evaluation of your oral health and the function of your jaw. Surgical orthodontics is generally only for adults who have finished growing.

What can I expect during orthodontic surgery?

The providers at Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics work with an oral surgeon to customize a treatment plan to improve the health and function of your jaw. You might need braces in the months prior to your surgery to help align your teeth before they correct your jaw issues.

The oral surgeon performs the surgery with the assistance of Dr. Kay. You can expect to receive anesthesia to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Depending on the surgical procedures you receive, you might need several days of recovery as your jaw heals. In many cases, the surgeon is able to correct jaw issues inside your mouth, so you won’t have noticeable scars.

Will I need orthodontic treatment after surgery?

Typically, surgery will not be the only treatment you need to correct misalignments in your jaw and teeth.

Following orthodontic surgery, Dr. Kay will design a treatment plan for traditional braces, self-ligating braces, or retainers that help move your teeth into the proper position in your newly repaired jaw. This ensures your teeth and jaw will function optimally in the long term.

To discuss your need for surgical orthodontics, request an appointment online or by calling the Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics office nearest you.