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When you’re ready to learn about your orthodontic options, an orthodontic consultation is the best way to begin. C. Neil Kay, BDS, MS, of Kay Orthodontics in Montgomery and Sandwich, Illinois, and serving the nearby areas of Aurora, Oswego, and Yorkville, offer one-on-one, unrushed consultations aimed at helping you get all the details needed to make an informed decision about your care or your child’s care. Scheduling a consultation is as simple as a phone call or a quick visit to the online booking page to request an appointment.

Orthodontic Consultation Q&A

What is an orthodontic consultation?

An orthodontic consultation is usually the first visit you’ll have with your orthodontic team. These visits are an opportunity to learn more about available treatment options. 

The initial portion of the visit involves a discussion with the orthodontist about your current concerns and treatment goals. The orthodontist then examines your teeth to better understand your needs. 

Intraoral digital scanning usually takes place during this initial visit. This process is fast and easy, and provides almost immediate digital imaging of all visible portions of our teeth. 

Once this information is gathered, your orthodontist will discuss how braces or another alignment approach can help bring you closer to your treatment goals. 

How do I decide if braces are right for me?

The primary purpose of an orthodontic consultation is to make sure each patient has all of the information needed to decide whether to pursue braces or another alignment option. You’ll receive information on how long your treatment should take, as well as what your smile will look like once treatment is complete. 

You’ll also discuss the cost of treatment. The Kay Orthodontic team believes in transparency in regard to pricing and treatment. There are no treatment consultants pushing you to sign up, and no high-pressure sales tactics. 

How can I prepare for my orthodontic consultation?

A small amount of time spent preparing for your visit will help make the experience more valuable and informative. Begin by thinking about the things you’d like to change about your smile. 

Being able to share your hopes and expectations with your orthodontist is an important part of a successful outcome. When you go into treatment with a clear idea of what to expect, your end results are something you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life. 

If you have questions about which alignment system is right for you, take time to write them down so you get the answers you need during your consultation. If you’re bringing your child in for a consultation, let them know what to expect, and empower them to ask their own questions during the visit. 

Orthodontic care is truly a collaboration between patient and practitioner, and the consultation is the first step in forging that partnership. While you can count on your orthodontic team to deliver outstanding treatment, your compliance at home is also an essential part of the treatment process. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in perfecting your smile, call Kay Orthodontics today or request an appointment online to schedule your one-on-one consultation.