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Advancements in dental technology have paved the way for astounding orthodontic outcomes, and the team at Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics in Montgomery and Sandwich, Illinois, and serving the nearby areas of Aurora, Oswego, and Yorkville, is proud to offer the very latest in digital impressions. C. Neil Kay, BDS, MS, goes to great lengths to ensure that diagnostic and treatment services are performed using only the best equipment, and the iTero ElementⓇ intraoral scanner is just one example. Request an appointment online or by phone today to learn more.

Digital Impressions Q&A

What are dental impressions?

Dental impressions are a tool orthodontists use to create a customized treatment plan. In years past, getting dental impressions required you to bite down on a metal or plastic tray filled with a gum-like substance. 

After a few moments, your practitioner would remove the tray, and the impressions left in the material would be the same shape and size as your teeth. These impressions would harden and provide your dental team with a very close replica of your bite. 

Digital technology has made this process far less common. Today’s platforms allow high-quality visual representations of your teeth without the need for trays or impression material. 

How do digital impressions work?

Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics uses the iTero Element digital scanner system to create digital impressions. The process is safe, effective, and comfortable. 

Digital impressions are often gathered during your initial consultation. The iTero system has an oral wand that your practitioner moves over the front and back of your teeth.  

The system gathers data on the exact size and shape of your teeth and creates crisp, accurate imaging of your bite. There is no need for any advance preparation, no discomfort during the scan, and no need for any sort of recovery process afterward. 

What are the benefits of digital impressions?

Digital impressions take very little time to create. This means your orthodontist can perform additional scans after your treatment begins, allowing you to see your smile change as treatment progresses. 

Digital impressions are also far more detailed than the old tray-based system. Your orthodontic team will have all of the specifications needed to create a truly customized treatment plan. This facilitates better results in a shorter period of time, moving you closer to your ideal smile. 

One additional benefit of digital impressions is the ability to store your scans indefinitely. Having your previous scans on file makes it easy to track your progress and identify any shifting that might occur after treatment is complete. You’ll have all the incentive you need to wear your retainer to preserve your new smile. 

If you’d like to learn more about digital impressions and the other technological advancements in place at Kay & Cortopassi Orthodontics, call the office nearest you today to set up a visit, or try the fast and easy online booking tool to request an appointment.