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Hello from everyone at Kay & Morris Orthodontics!

Retainer wearing is a crucial part of maintaining the results that were achieved during treatment. In an effort to help minimize trips to the office, 2 simple pictures of the bottom teeth can be very helpful for us to determine if the alignment and bite is holding well. If you would like to do the virtual checkup please follow the instructions attached. If you are having any issues with your retainers or any of the front teeth have shifted, please call us 630-896-2779 to set up an appointment.

Emailing us a copy of the photos can help us to evaluate the fit of the retainer and the alignment of the teeth. We will be able to identify if an in person visit to the office is necessary to address any issues.

Generally, with consistent wear of the retainers, the alignment of the teeth will be very stable. Please follow the steps below when taking the pictures

  1. Wash your hands

  1. Place the bottom retainer in your mouth

  1. Hold your lips out of the way (use your fingers or the end of a spoon)

  1. Snap a picture from above (have a friend help you if they are able)

  1. Repeat steps above, and take same picture without retainer in.

  1. Email us the pictures to: (please include your name)

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